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Small Business Saturday has announced its nationwide tour, which will visit twenty-one towns and cities across the UK. The tour, supported by BT, aims to highlight the contributions of small businesses and encourage support from local communities. Starting in Inverness on 30 October and ending in London on 2 December, ‘The Tour’ will showcase a variety of small businesses, from pom-pom making to Pilates classes. In addition to the roadshow, Small Business Saturday will also offer a month of free online support, including workshops and mentoring, to small businesses throughout the UK. With sustainability in mind, the tour will utilize electric vehicles, including an eco-friendly electric bike from Stirling Eco.

Small Business Saturday Announces Nationwide Tour

Small Business Saturday, a grassroots campaign that celebrates and supports small businesses, has announced its upcoming nationwide tour. The tour aims to highlight the contribution of small businesses to the UK’s economy and promote local shopping. Supported by BT, the tour will travel to twenty-one towns and cities across the country, showcasing various industries and services. The tour will kick off in Inverness on October 30 and conclude in London on November 29, just before Small Business Saturday on December 2.

The Tour Schedule

The Small Business Saturday tour will visit towns and cities all over the UK, starting in Inverness and making its way through Fife, Glasgow, Belfast, Chester, Newcastle, Ryedale, York, Manchester, Wrexham, Peterborough, Birmingham, Hereford, Cardiff, Falmouth, Exeter, Bournemouth, Aldgate, Whitstable, Islington, and finally London’s Richmond Park. This comprehensive schedule ensures that small businesses across the country have the opportunity to participate and benefit from the campaign.

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Purpose of the Tour

The primary purpose of the tour is to celebrate the success of small businesses and promote local shopping. Small Business Saturday aims to raise awareness about the importance of supporting small businesses in communities and the role they play in the local economy. By shining a spotlight on these businesses, the tour aims to encourage consumers to shop local and strengthen the small business sector.

Support from BT

BT, the principal supporter of Small Business Saturday, is providing valuable support to the campaign. Through their Skills for Tomorrow offering, BT is offering free digital skills training to small businesses. This training is designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and navigate the digital landscape. BT’s support is crucial in empowering small businesses and equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Online Support for Small Businesses

In addition to the tour, Small Business Saturday is offering a dedicated month of free online support for small businesses across the UK. This support includes workshops, mentoring, and insight sessions with experts to cover a wide range of relevant topics. Small business owners can take advantage of these resources to gain valuable knowledge and receive guidance on various aspects of running a business.

Focus on Sustainability

Small Business Saturday recognizes the importance of sustainability and energy-saving measures for small businesses. As part of the tour’s commitment to sustainability, electric vehicles will be used to reduce emissions. This initiative reflects the sustainable choices made by small businesses and their crucial role in the race to achieve net zero emissions. The tour will also include a state-of-the-art eco-friendly electric bike, showcasing innovative solutions for sustainable transportation.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Participating in Small Business Saturday and the nationwide tour can bring numerous benefits to small businesses. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for recognition and exposure, as the tour will showcase exceptional and innovative small businesses. This exposure can lead to increased visibility and customer engagement, ultimately translating into business growth. Additionally, the tour offers networking and collaboration opportunities, allowing small business owners to connect with each other and build valuable relationships. Lastly, the access to support and resources provided through the tour and the online support initiatives can further empower small businesses to succeed.

How to Get Involved

Small businesses interested in participating in Small Business Saturday and the nationwide tour can visit the Small Business Saturday website to register. By registering, small businesses can stay informed about local events and promotions and access valuable resources to support their participation in the campaign. Small business owners are encouraged to take advantage of the online support and resources offered and actively engage with the campaign in their communities.

Tour Dates

The Small Business Saturday tour will take place from October 30 to November 29, visiting various towns and cities across the UK. The tour will kick off in Inverness on October 30 and conclude in London’s Richmond Park on November 29. Small businesses in these locations and surrounding areas should mark the respective dates in their calendars to ensure they don’t miss the opportunity to participate and benefit from this nationwide campaign.

Previous Small Business Saturday Events

Small Business Saturday has been a successful campaign for over a decade in the UK, with support from principal supporter American Express. Every year, the campaign celebrates small business success and encourages consumers to support businesses in their communities. Previous events have received positive feedback and have helped raise awareness about the significant role small businesses play in local economies.


Supporting small businesses is more important than ever, and Small Business Saturday’s nationwide tour provides a valuable platform to celebrate and promote these businesses. By participating in the tour, small businesses have the opportunity to gain recognition, access valuable resources, and connect with other entrepreneurs. The campaign’s focus on sustainability further highlights the vital role small businesses play in driving sustainable practices. Small business owners are encouraged to get involved in Small Business Saturday and take advantage of the support and exposure it offers. Together, we can strengthen local communities and economies by supporting and recognizing the efforts of small businesses.


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