Need More Clients?

Did you know that according to Forbes, a staggering 29% of businesses lack a website? Don’t be part of that statistic and potentially miss out on immense opportunities. 

With our Custom Small Business website building services, we ensure your business stands out, stays relevant, and thrives online. Join us in the digital age!

Hands-Off Small Business Website Building Services

Your business card, storefront, and first point of interaction with clients. Why leave it to chance? At Host SMB Limited, we offer a completely hands-off website-building service designed exclusively for small businesses. No stress, no mess—just a fantastic online presence that drives traffic and converts visitors into loyal customers.

Transform Your Business, Transform Your Life

Overwhelmed with juggling your business and website? Break free with our hands-off small business website for starting at $99 mo. Book Now for a 30-minute consultation and start living the business life you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Choose Host SMB Limited?

World-Class Design Meets Functionality

We don’t just build websites; we create experiences. Our team of seasoned professionals designs custom, responsive websites optimized for both mobile and desktop. Your small business is unique; your website should be too. We have packages starting at $99 a month for all of your website needs taken care of.

SEO Ready and Built for Growth

A beautiful website is just a start. We lay the foundation for your online success by implementing proven SEO strategies that make your site easily discoverable. Appear on the first page of Google and watch your traffic skyrocket.

Automated Social Media: Be Everywhere, All The Time

Maximize your reach without lifting a finger. Our Automated Social Media service is designed to keep you in front of your audience 24/7. From scheduled posts to audience engagement, we handle it all so you don’t have to.


Skyrocket Your Online Presence with Lightning-Fast and Comprehensive Services

In a fast-paced world where time is money, why should your business wait to make an impact online? At Host SMB Limited, we don’t just offer you the standard. We offer the extraordinary. Introducing our One-Day Turnaround service and Complete Business AI Integrations; to include Automated Social Media packages—because your small business deserves to be ahead of the game, every time.

Elevate Your Business with Host SMB Limited

One-Day Turnarounds: A New Industry Standard

Why wait weeks for your website when you can have it live in just 24 hours? We understand the urgency to go digital and are here to make it happen. Opt for our One-Day Turnaround service and watch your vision materialize in real time.


The Unbeatable Host SMB Limited Experience

What Makes Us the Ultimate Choice?

Affordable All-in-One Packages

We’ve bundled our high-speed turnarounds and automated social media services into competitively priced packages. Get more for less and experience an unbeatable ROI starting at just $99 monthly, including hosting. The headache you save is more than worth it.

Jesse Hull

Picture someone who once soared through the skies as an infantry paratrooper and stood strong on the disciplined grounds as an Army instructor. 

That same tenacity and precision now powers his role at Insured Agency, where he crafts impeccable web designs and unravels the intricacies of Google search engine optimization with Social Search for businesses like yours. 

With Insured Agency, you’re not just collaborating with a web designer; you’re aligning with a strategist who combines the heart of a Soldier with the mind of a digital expert. Trust in his unique fusion of military discipline and digital prowess to catapult your online presence Founder Host SMB Limited.

Insurance Marketing Services

Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC ads are the fastest way to get new cases in the door. Within 14 days your phone will ring.

Automated Social Media

Leveraging automated scheduling, content curation, and audience engagement tools, we create a synchronized brand experience for your audience. This not only elevates brand visibility but also fosters deeper connections, driving loyalty.

Local Ads

Localized searches ("Barber near me") require a different strategy, starting with "Local Service Ads".

Content Production

By analyzing the most profitable keywords from your PPC campaigns, we gain insights into what your audience is actively seeking. Armed with this data, we craft compelling content tailored to these keywords, strategically positioning your brand in organic Google Search results.

Google Maps

Securing the top ranking in Google "Maps Pack" organically for profitable PPC keywords.

Branding & Re-Branding

Utilizing a blend of insightful market research, innovative design, and strategic storytelling, we build brands that not only captivate but also forge lasting connections with your target audience.